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Ich lese. Manchmal mache ich auch was anderes :)

Ich lese gerade

Hypnose und Trance: Inspiration, Meditation, Entspannung Ausmalbuch für Erwachsene
Luis Eduardo Bertone


I've been binging on M/M Romance (okay, erotica) in the last two weeks.

And yes, the first rule of M/M Romance is: You do not talk about cover art.

The second rule? Expect everything you're used from Fanfiction. Everything. :)


And my highlights so far?

Lukos Heat by Megan Derr (shifters without D/s playing, rare enough. And awesome.)

No Ocean to Deep by Leona Carver (merpeople, yay!)

All Wrapped Up (yes, Tentacle Porn, I know. But good!!)


Also good:
The Line by Angel Martinez (non-glittery vampires and a winged hunter)

Wolf Scent by Isabel Dare (Werewolf. Yum.)

His to Protect by Alice Cain (murder, vampires and shifters. And a little D/s playing)