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Ich lese. Manchmal mache ich auch was anderes :)

Ich lese gerade

Hypnose und Trance: Inspiration, Meditation, Entspannung Ausmalbuch für Erwachsene
Luis Eduardo Bertone

December :)

Finally, my December post. I didn't feel much like writing :)

97 Leona Carver: No Ocean too Deep
98 All Wrapped Up
99 Toni Griffin: Unexpected Mate
100 Kelley Armstrong: Human Rights
101 Angel Martinez: The Line
102 Alice Cain: His to Protect
103 Charlie Richards: Catting Around
104 Isabel Dare: Wolf Scent
105 Megan Derr: Lukos Heat
106 JRR Tolkien: The Lord of the Rings
107 Sacrificed
108 A R Moler: Braided Lives
109 Tall, Dark, and Wriggly

Hm, this looks impressive but isn't, really. :) A lot of those are M/M-Romance E-Books and as such awfully short.
The Lord of the Rings isn't finished yet but I put it in December because there isn't that much left. :)