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Ich lese. Manchmal mache ich auch was anderes :)

Ich lese gerade

Hypnose und Trance: Inspiration, Meditation, Entspannung Ausmalbuch für Erwachsene
Luis Eduardo Bertone


Hm, a summary for 2014 ... A little daunting, that. Looking back I see a heap of books, with no order whatsoever. And trying to get a decent overview means digging through all my posts. Whine!

So, let's see, I took up a couple of challenges:
1. Reading +100 books: check
2. A to Z challenge: almost E and W are still open
3. History Reading Challenge: check (12 history books read)


This year I finally allowed myself DNFs. So far I usually struggled through every book I started, I somehow felt bound to finish. Silly, right? It's liberating :)
Still, there are only four DNFs this year.


Ficion is the biggest part of the heap - roughly 80% (including graphic novels and children's books); I'd expected the ratio to be a little more in favour of non-fiction, maybe 70/30?

I'm happy that I read so many books from my TBR, thanks to my reading slump (when I didn't feel like reading anything and grabbed the next best thing from the shelf) :)
Last year I "discovered" graphic novels - yet didn't read any in the last few months. I guess I have to go hunting again. :) But I still feel a little intimidated by that huge amount of stuff out there.

In 2015 there will be no challenges for me. Absolute freedom, yay ;)